FBT Reporting

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OMNI.pngThere are a few different ways to report on FBT, the most common method is outlined below:

Step 1

First, in the Argus Dashboard go to Settings > Groups and create a Geofence group called FBT Geofences.

Step 2

Next, set up your Geofences for FBT reporting by creating a geofence around each of the areas you will be claiming FBT. Eg) airport carparks or areas the vehicle is unavailable such as when a vehicle at mechanics for over 24 hours).
We recommend giving these areas titles of FBT Area 1, FBT Area 2 etc.
Assign each of these FBT Geofences to the Geofence group FBT Geofences.
For more information on creating geofences, check out this article.
If you have previously set up your FBT Geofences, please skip to Step 3.

Step 3

Select Reporting from the side menu to open the Reporting page, then select Stationary Report.


Step 4

Choose the group of vehicles you wish to run the FBT report on (you may have set up a group called FBT vehicles if you are not running the report on all vehicles. For more information on creating groups, check out this article).

Step 5

Choose your date range and select the format you wish to run the report in (there is PDF and CSV available within the drop down menu).
In the Location drop down menu, you MUST select the FBT Geofence.
Set your preferred FBT duration for the report, then click the blue Run Report button to run the report.


We recommend you review the report and check each even was for an overnight stay. In the CSV report you can easily delete any rows events that are not overnight. See the example below:



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