What is the Argus Tracking & GetHomeSafe Integration?

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We've partnered with the GetHomeSafe team to bring you our safest integration yet. Team safety comes first and foremost, that's why we're excited to share our integration with GetHomeSafe, a leader in welfare monitoring technology. 

About GetHomeSafe

Since 2012, GetHomeSafe has been dedicated to creating safer workplaces with user-friendly welfare monitoring technology. Specialising in lone worker safety, they offer a free personal safety app and cost-effective solutions, reshaping safety practices while ensuring legal compliance. 

The Integration - How it Works: 

Combining Argus Tracking and GetHomeSafe services provides direct access to your Argus vehicle data within the GetHomeSafe platform. Additionally, SOS alerts from our panic buttons can also be integrated into your GetHomeSafe account. 

  • All vehicle locations from Argus will be shared with GetHomeSafe so that you can see the vehicle locations on top of your lone worker devices. 
  • SOS events for Argus vehicles can be pushed directly to the GetHomeSafe platform so that all alerts from lone worker devices and vehicles are received and actioned in one place. 

What Are the Benefits? 

  • Real-time geolocation data in the GetHomeSafe platform to ensure the safety of your team. 
  • Reliable and accurate information. 
  • Maximises your workplace Health & Safety commitments. 

Activate the GetHomeSafe Integration: 

If you're an existing GetHomeSafe customer, please contact your Argus Account Manager or log a support ticket to activate this functionality. For more information about GetHomeSafe and becoming a customer of theirs, head to www.gethomesafe.com.


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