What is the Argus Tracking x Power Trip Integration?

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We've teamed up with our friends at Power Trip to provide you with a solution that enables a smooth transition to Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption.

Argus Tracking customers who use Power Trip's Game Plan solution can utilise this integration to determine suitable EV models, develop charging strategies, and receive valuable insights. 

How it works:

This integration works by linking your historical Argus telematics data with Power Trip's Game Plan solution to create an EV transition strategy for your fleet. This enables comprehensive vehicle and driver suitability assessments and optimised EV selection/charging solutions. It also generates efficient charging plans considering factors like charging frequency, reliance on public infrastructure, and identifying private charging options. 

  • Predict how your current driving patterns can be achieved with EVs.
  • Easily plan where your EVs will need to charge. 
  • Learn how much energy they use daily. 

What are the benefits?

  • Conduct comprehensive assessments for EV and driver suitability based on historical driving data.
  • Generate optimised EV charging plans 
  • Engage and educate staff (demystify EVs and address concerns)
  • View data-driven insights to optimise decision-making and fleet operations
  • Align with the NZ Government's EV-first policy and Zero-emissions by 2050. 

If you're already a Power Trip customer, contact your Account Manager or email support@argustracking.com to activate this functionality. For more information about Power Trip and becoming a customer of theirs, click here


Download the Argus x Power Trip Case Study and Electric Vehicle White Paper:

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