How to Set Up Fuel Watch for Mobil & Fleetcor Fuel Cards

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Fuel Watch is included in our OMNI plan or as an add-on to our MIDI plan. To enable Fuel Watch, please get in touch with your Account Manager here.

Once Fuel Watch is enabled on your Argus Dashboard and you have your Mobil or Fleetcor fuel card, you will need to give Mobil or Fleetcor your authorisation for the Fuel Watch integration. 

Follow the steps below to authorise the integration:

1. Contact your Mobil or Fleetcor Business Manager or Mobilecard Support Center and ask them to set up the Automated Daily Telematics Fuel Card Transaction Report - this should be directed to


Please see the following articles to learn how to set up Fuel Watch for alternate fuel card providers: BP, Cardlink & UBT Fuel Cards or Z Energy, Caltex & Challenge Fuel Cards

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