How to assign assets on the Check Sheet app

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Step 1

Download the Check Sheet App from the App Store or Google Play and log in to the app with your Argus Tracking login details.

Step 2 

Then select the Assign Asset button to assign a barcode to an asset which has not been previously assigned, (this needs to be done once per asset only). (Once the asset has been set up, you will choose the Undertake Inspection button, but for this initial set up we are assigning the asset.)

Step 3 

After you have clicked Assign Asset, select the asset which you are assigning a barcode to then scan the barcode you are assigning to this asset.

Step 4

You will receive confirmation that the barcode was successfully assigned to the asset. You are now set up on the Argus Tracking Check Sheet app. To learn how to use Check Sheets, click here

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