How to use the Check Sheet app

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Step 1

Download the Check Sheet App from the App Store or Google Play and log in to the app with your Argus Tracking login details.

Step 2 

Select the Undertake Inspection button. (Please note: If the asset barcode has not been previously assigned to the asset, you will first need to assign it.  Select the Assign Asset button and follow the steps to assign a barcode to an asset which has not been previously assigned, this needs to be done once per asset only. Once the asset has been set up, you will choose the Undertake Inspection button.)

Step 3 

Scan the barcode of the asset (if the barcode is not recognised please see the ‘Assign asset’ step above).

Step 4

Select which check sheet template you will be using for this check sheet.

Step 5

Complete the check sheet by answering each question.

Photos and comments can be added to any question if needed, just make sure to do this before clicking the tick (yes) or cross (no) buttons as this will progress you to the next question automatically.

You can navigate through the check sheet at any time with the left and right arrows at the bottom of the screen. You can use this to go back and edit your answers, or add comments/photos to questions as needed.

Step 6

Once you have completed all the checks, please sign the check sheet and click proceed to upload the check sheet.

Step 7

Once the check sheet has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation message on the app.

All done! Please repeat this process for any other assets you need to check.


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