How to report on Out of Work area FBT geofences

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When vehicles are away from their home areas for longer than 24 hours for work purposes, then you could be FBT exempt. 
To capture these FBT exempt events, you will need to set up a countrywide geofence that covers all areas EXCEPT the vehicle's home area. 
To learn how to create a multi-sided geofence, see the article How to draw a Polygon Geofence
The image below shows an FBT geofence for a vehicle that is based in Wellington:


To prevent this geofence from showing across your reporting all the time, we recommend applying the settings below to your out of region FBT geofence:
1. In the Apply to Geofence Groups box, add FBT Exempt.
2. In the When should the Geofence be active box, choose Anytime.
3. Deactivate Show in reports.
4. Deactivate Private Geofence.
5. Deactivate Set Speed limit.
IMPORTANT: You MUST apply this geofence to your FBT geofence group.
To learn how to apply this geofence to an FBT geofence group, see the article FBT Reporting
The image below shows these settings applied to a Wellington FBT Geofence:


How to run an FBT report:

Step 1

Before you run your FBT report, you must first edit your out of region geofence and update the settings so that the geofence will appear in this report. 

To learn more on how to edit a geofence, see the article How to edit a geofence

Step 2

Once you have the opened the geofence in edit mode, activate Show in reports by sliding the toggle so it turns blue to allow all results to show when you run your stationary report on your FBT geofence group. Then press the blue Save button to update the settings.

Step 3

Run your FBT Stationary report.
To learn how to run an FBT report, follow steps 3. 4 & 5 in the article FBT Reporting


Once you have completed this reporting, remember to edit this geofence again and deactivate Show in reports once more prevent it from showing on other reporting. 

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