What is decommissioning?

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With an ever-going circle of older assets being replaced with newer, removing the GPS hardware from an older asset that is being disposed of, to then reinstall into the new replacement asset can be a costly process that takes two valuable assets off the road while the technician is removing and reinstalling.

Decommissioning is designed to save you (the customer) time and money by not having to take vehicles off the road for our technicians to do a removal.

Instead of organising a technician to remove the GPS unit in the asset you have disposed of, we simply decommission the unit, and send you a brand new replacement unit to be installed into your new asset, ensuring you are futureproofed and always have the latest technology installed in your fleet.

The decommissioning charge includes the remote termination of your current unit and a new replacement unit. Your new replacement device is usually couriered out within 7 days to the address listed in your account under Settings > Account Details, so please make sure this address is up to date.

Reinstallation of your new unit is not included in the cost of decommissioning, this will be charged separately at the time of install.

Please run any historical reports that you wish to save prior to the units decommission, as once a GPS unit has been decommissioned and removed from your account, all historical data associated with this GPS unit will be lost.


 3 great reasons to love decommissioning:

1. Decommissioning saves you time.
Decommissioning a GPS unit in an asset that is to be disposed of, means the asset does not need to be pulled off the road. Instead, you can keep your asset on the go until it is replaced, completing more jobs.

2. Decommissioning saves you money.
The decommissioning charge is cheaper than a technician coming to remove a unit.

3. Decommissioning ensures you have the latest technology.
When an older asset is to be disposed of, and the GPS unit is decommissioned, Argus will replace the older hardware with the latest hardware technology, sending you a new, replacement unit to be installed into your new asset.


To learn more about how to request a decommission, please see the article on Device Management

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