How to Set Up Drivers to Use the Check Sheet App

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For drivers who need the app to complete Check Sheets but do not need the ability to track and report on vehicle movements, they need to be set up as a Driver user within the Argus Dashboard so that they can download the Check Sheet App. 

Please Note: Drivers will only be able to see the Check Sheet tab on the app and will not be able to access reports or view any vehicles when they log in. 

Setting Up Drivers to Use Check Sheets

Follow the steps below to set up your drivers to use the Check Sheet app on Android and iOS. 

Step 1

From the Argus Dashboard, head to Settings > Users and Drivers and click the blue Add button. 

Step 2

Under User profile, choose Driver. *This step is compulsory and cannot be skipped.



Step 3

In the applicable Name boxes, add the driver's first and last names. *This step is compulsory and cannot be skipped.

Step 4

In the Email box, please enter the driver's email address.

(You can skip this step if the driver does not have an email address but please note that the Driver profile is the only profile that doesn't require an email address).

Step 5

In the Mobile box, add the driver's mobile number. *This step is compulsory and cannot be skipped.

Step 6

In the Job Title/Position box, add the driver's job title. *This step is compulsory and cannot be skipped.

Step 7

If the driver is associated with a group, in the Groups box, select the appropriate group or groups.

(If the driver is not associated with a group, skip this step).

Step 8

If you've entered the driver's email address in Step 4, you can tick the Send Email Invitation box at the bottom of the New User page and click the blue Save button. 

If there is no email address on the driver's profile, click the blue Save button. 

Additional Notes: 

  • After ticking the Send Email Invitation box, the driver will be sent a welcome email along with their login details. They will be able to use this to log into the app. 
  • If you have to resend the email, please click Forgot Password on the login page to reset the password
  • Once they are set up in the system and have updated their password if required, the driver will need to download the Argus Tracking Check Sheet app from Google Play or the App Store.
  • If an email address was not used to set up their driver profile then they will need to use their phone number to log in by following these steps.

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