What's New February 2024

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This month, in February, we're bringing you the newest enhancements and features tailored to elevate your GPS tracking and fleet management experience. Below are the specifics of these updates, exploring how they can directly benefit your fleet operations.

Custom Branding 

Custom Branding is a new feature that allows you to personalise your Argus Tracking experience with your business branding e.g. adding your logo and brand colours to the platform. With Custom Branding, you can seamlessly tailor the platform to reflect your brand identity, ensuring a cohesive and branded experience for your users. 

Available on MIDI and OMNI plans (additional monthly fees apply). 


  White Labelling Launch Image (3).png White Labelling Launch Image (2).png

Off-Road Geofences for RUC Collect Users

As part of our comprehensive RUC Collect feature, Off-Road Geofences streamline off-road RUC travel expenses even further. Once an Off-Road Geofence has been created and an Argus agent has approved it, RUC Collect will automatically detect if a driver has entered an off-road area from that day forward. 

To learn more, head to Off-Road Geofences & How They Work


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