How to Create an Off-Road Geofence

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Creating an Off-Road Geofence from your Dashboard

Off-Road Geofences work the same way regular Geofences do, except they're off-road and a part of our RUC Collect feature, so they require approval from an Argus agent. 

Follow the steps below to create a custom Off-Road Geofence for your assets. 


Step 1: From your Dashboard, head to Geofences > Offroad Geofence

Step 2: Search for the address or location where you want to set up the Off-Road Geofence in the 'Find Address' search bar.

Note: As you type in the location, it will automatically populate locations similar to what you're typing in. Select the correct location when it appears in the results.

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Step 3: When a location has been selected, the Off-Road Geofence will appear on the map. The default shape of the Geofence is a red circle. If you would like to change the shape of the Geofence, click on the 'Type of Geofence' drop-down and select 'Polygon Geofence'

From here you can draw and resize the shape of your Geofence by clicking areas of the map to create map markers. To move one of the map markers, select and drag them to the correct spot. 

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Step 4 (Optional): You can also change the colour of your Geofence by clicking on the 'Geofence Colour' drop-down. There are colours such as aqua, blue, green, lime, purple and silver to choose from. 

Step 5: When you're finished creating your Geofence, name your Off-Road Geofence in the required 'Name Your Off-Road Geofence' box. 

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Step 6: Click the blue 'Request for Approval' box to submit your Off-Road Geofence. 

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From here an Argus agent will be notified of your request and approve or decline it based on NZTA's off-road requirements. 

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