Off-Road Geofences & How They Work

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Introducing Off-Road Geofences

Off-Road Geofences revolutionise the way we track and manage off-road travel expenses. While traditional geofences focus on public roads, Off-Road Geofences extend beyond, covering privately owned areas such as airports, parks, ski fields, forestry, and farming zones - essentially anywhere inaccessible to the general public. 

As a part of our comprehensive RUC Collect feature, Off-Road Geofences streamline off-road RUC travel expenses even further. Once an Off-Road Geofence has been created and an Argus agent has approved it, RUC Collect will automatically detect if a driver has entered an off-road area from that day forward. The entire Off-Road Geofence database will be scanned with every claim back, giving you access to all approved Off-Road Geofences for seamless tracking and management. 

How it Works: 

Off-Road Geofences operate similarly to normal geofences, except they focus on off-road areas. Once created and an Argus agent has approved it, these geofences are designated as off-road areas and become part of a comprehensive off-road database, available for immediate use upon creation.

RUC Collect users, who utilise our system for claiming back off-road RUC charges, can seamlessly claim back their off-road travel expenses by accessing this database. 

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