What's New May to August 2023

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Discover below a recap of the exciting new features and enhancements introduced on our platform over the past few months.


Export Users Report 

Export a CSV of all your users and drivers by heading to Settings > Users & Drivers and clicking on the blue 'Export All Users' button on the top right side of the page. 

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Drivers Licence Expiry Notification 

Set up notifications to receive alerts 4 weeks before your driver's licenses expire. Keep your fleet compliant and reduce driver downtime effectively. 

Head to Settings > Notifications >  Create Notification to enable 'Driver Licence Expiry'. 

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Order Accessories and Send them to the Correct Branch

If you need to send accessories to a separate branch within your company, you can now specify the delivery address on the order form. 

Head to Device Management > Select Job Type > Order Accessories and fill out the 'Shipping Address' field when ordering. 

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Microsoft SSO Management & Sign In

If your company uses Microsoft and you're on the OMNI plan, you have the ability to activate Microsoft SSO (the Argus x Azure AD SSO integration) to sign into our platform. 

Follow our step-by-step guide to activate this functionality. 



My Assets

New Interface 

The Asset Profile section has had a much-needed upgrade. Your asset information is now organised into three tabs - Vehicle, Safety & Efficiency, and Other. 

Head to My Assets > Asset Profile to see the new interface.




New Dashboard Modules 

You may have noticed that there are four new modules on your Argus Dashboard. These are: 

  • Fleet Safety Rating 
  • Fleet Emissions Economy 
  • Fleet Fuel Economy 
  • Annual Energy Cost

These modules contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of your fleet's performance and efficiency, helping you to make better-informed decisions.  

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