What's New April 2023

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Smart Renew RUC Purchase Threshold

The minimum purchase threshold for RUCs has been reduced from 5000km to 2000km. This means that if your Smart Renew is set at the minimum RUC purchase threshold, the system will invoice and send out RUCs when your vehicles reach their last 2000km. 

For more information about Smart Renew, read our article.

Emailed Reports > Filter by Geofence

You can now set up Geofence Emailed Reports and filter by All Geofences or Individual Geofences. 

  • To do this head to Reporting > Emailed Reports > Add Report
  • Select Geofence or Geofence Overspeed Report
  • In the 'Geofence' field leave it as 'All Geofences' or select the one you want

Mobil & Fleetcor Fuel Integration

The newest member of the Fuel Watch family is the Mobil & Fleetcor Fuel Integration. Fuel watch is included in all OMNI plans and as an add-on for MIDI plans (additional costs apply). To enable Fuel Watch please get in touch with your Account Manager here

Already have Fuel Watch Enabled? Read our step-by-step Mobil & Fleetcor Integration instructions. 


Automatic Safety & Efficiency Rating Integration (OMNI Plans)

Automatically import your vehicle's safety ratings, fuel ratings, energy costs, and more with our new Automatic Safety & Efficiency Rating feature. Available on all OMNI plans, please get in touch with your Account Manager to activate this function. 

API Keys (OMNI Plans) 

The Argus API Key system has had a much-needed makeover. If you already have API Keys activated on your account and you're wanting to create a new one (link to Argus), follow our step-by-step guide. 

Included in all OMNI plans and as an add-on for MIDI plans (additional costs apply), if you'd like to have this function activated, please contact your Account Manager. 

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