What is the Argus Tracking API?

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Simply put, an API is a link that connects two or more applications and lets them share data to take out as much manual work as possible. It can streamline your business and automate tasks that would otherwise take up your precious time.

For example - if you are managing a services company you could use an API to integrate your Argus Tracking system with your accounting software so that invoices are generated automatically for callouts based on time on-site and travel to site. If you are managing a fleet of pool vehicles, you could integrate your Argus system with your pool booking system, so that it automatically ‘checks out’ a vehicle from the pool of available vehicles when it leaves the office, and automatically ‘checks back in’ into the pool of available vehicles once it returns to the office.

Want to set up the Argus API?

The possibilities are endless, so if you are interested in finding out more about how to integrate Argus Tracking and one of your other systems, please get in touch with your Account Manager at support@argustracking.com for more information.

Argus has a modern REST API available for customers on our OMNI plan. Please get in touch with your Account Manager for a copy of our technical API document and access to our sandbox environment.
The Argus API has a call limit of 1 calls per second, with a maximum of 30 calls per minute. 

Download the Argus Tracking API Info Sheet below:

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