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Introduction to the Driver Overspeed Report

The Driver Overspeed Report is a great tool that identifies your top speeders and the speed zones and areas where frequent speeding occurs. This report allows you to choose a custom speed threshold to see if any of your drivers have travelled over this speed and shows the following data:

  • The times and locations where a driver/s has sped
  • If the speed event occurred in a school zone 
  • The speed that the driver was travelling at
  • What the speed limit was in that location 
  • How many kilometres (km) the driver was travelling over the limit

How does it work?

We've put together a quick video to show how to use the Driver Overspeed Report

Step-by-step guide:

Step 1: From your Argus Dashboard, head to Reports > Driver Overspeed Report

Step 2: Select the relevant Driver

Step 3Choose a pre-determined or custom date range and click the green 'Apply' button to save your changes.

Step 4: Select your report format (choose from a web version, printer-friendly PDF or CSV)

Step 5: Select the speed threshold to report on (the default threshold is set at 10km/h)

Step 6: Type in a specific speed zone to report on or leave blank to report on all

Step 7: When finished customising your report, click the blue 'Run Report' button

Handy Tip: Please keep in mind that our GPS units report every 500m, therefore, if an asset holds a speed continuously at high speed the report will keep logging it.

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