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If you can see that an asset has stopped reporting/updated its position recently and you know that it has moved since the position it last reported from, this may be because your asset is offline. 

An offline asset will have its last position highlighted in red under its speed and address details in My Assets (see example below)


Diagnosing whether an asset is offline or in sleep mode

If your asset is showing offline, it has either stopped communicating with our servers and you will not see any position updates OR it has gone into sleep mode. To determine whether it is offline or in sleep mode, you can see the How to Tell if a GPS Unit is Offline article. 


Running an offline Asset Overdue Report report


The Asset Overdue Report will highlight any assets that are overdue at reporting to our servers. We recommend setting up this report to run automatically each week to stay on top of your units that have been offline for 72 hours (3 days) or more.

Please Note: If you set the offline period any shorter, you may get data on units that are just out of coverage, or parked inside a car park or garage for a few hours.


Set up the Asset Overdue Report to be emailed to you weekly

You can set this report to be emailed to you each week by heading to Reporting > Emailed Reports > Add Report 


Reporting an offline unit to Argus Support

If you notice that a GPS unit is offline and you cannot see any reason for this as the ignition has been turned on since it was last reported, please let us know by clicking on the red "Click to Report" writing under the asset details in the My Assets page (see image above). 

A support ticket form will pop up so you can report the offline unit to us. Please add any additional information that may help us fix the offline issue e.g. vehicle location, whether the vehicle has been jump-started recently etc. 

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