How to create a Polygon Geofence

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When creating a geofence, you will notice that the default geofence is a red circle. If you require a geofence for an area that the circle will not cover, follow the steps below to create a custom polygon-shaped geofence. 


Step 1: From your Argus Dashboard, head to Geofences > Add New Geofences and find the area that you want to cover. Once you've selected an address, click the 'Type of Geofence' drop-down box and select 'Polygon Geofence'. 


Step 2: On the map, click where you would like the first corner of your polygon to be, you will then see a map marker appear where you have clicked (see below for example). 


Step 3: Continue clicking on the map to cover the area you want to geofence, creating the shape of your polygon. If you want to edit a marker after clicking the map, you can select and drag the marker to the desired location. 


(Optional) Step 4: You can also change the colour of your geofence by selecting the 'Geofence Colour' drop-down. There are other colours such as aqua, blue, green, lime, purple, and silver to choose from. 


Step 5: Select the asset/group you would like to apply your geofence. If it is all vehicles in your fleet, leave it as the default 'All Assets'. Enter the name you wish to label your geofence and select when you would like your Geofence to be active. 


Step 6: When you are finished creating your polygon geofence, click the blue Save button to save your changes. 

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