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Introduction to the Mileage Report

This report looks at the recorded mileage the vehicle does each day, then can give you a total mileage count for the week or month depending on the time frame you run the report for. This is also a good report to determine which of your vehicles is being utilised the most. The estimated fuel is also shown in this report to help give you an idea of how efficient your vehicles are.

This is an excellent report to set up to run over the weekends to view which vehicles are being used outside of the working week.

How does it work?

We've put together a quick video to show you how to use the Mileage Report. 

Step-by-step guide:

Step 1: From your Argus Dashboard, head to Reporting > Mileage Report

Step 2: Select the asset/group you'd like to report on

Step 3: Select a date range from the options listed (today, last month etc) or choose a customised range.

Step 4: Choose a custom time range

Step 5: Choose a report format (Web Version, Printer Friendly PDF or CSV)

Step 6: When done, click the blue Run Report button to finish.


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