What's New January & February 2023

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Driver Reports

The ability to select 'All Drivers & User Groups'

You asked we delivered - you can now select 'All Drivers' and 'User Groups' when running any of the Driver Reports (relevant for accounts using Driver ID).



Check Sheet Summary

Export a CSV summary report for all Check Sheets

Gone are the days of downloading Check Sheets individually, now you have the option of downloading a CSV summary report for all Check Sheets (that matches the filter conditions on the page).

✔ See how many Check Sheets failed/passed in x amount of time

✔ Look for vehicles that are failing more frequently than others



Driver Behaviour > Driver Behaviour Insights

Column selector and export button

Select which columns you want to see on the driver scorecard and export it for sharing with the new 'export' button. 

✔ Export the information you need e.g. trend or rank shift

✔ Share with your team without showing details of your most at-risk drivers



My Assets > Upload Asset Photos

Asset photo orientation 

Photos that are uploaded to your profile can now be rotated before saving to ensure that the image is in the correct orientation.





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