Introduction to the Argus Tracking Dashboard

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The Argus Tracking Dashboard holds all the features and tools that you need to manage and monitor your fleet. See below for more information about the 8 key sections.


My Assets 

View and manage your Road Registered, Asset Trackers, Assist Assets and Decommission Assets in one spot. There are also shortcuts to View Group on Map and Manage Devices pages for ease of access. 


Understanding the Profile page



View where your assets are or were last on the Classic or Advanced Spectate view (see below for an example of the advanced view). 




Create and export Asset, Fleet, Health & Safety, Advanced, Driver, and Fuel Reports. You can also star your most used reports so that they appear under 'Favourite Reports' at the very top of the page. 


Which Report do I need to run? - A brief summary of popular reports

Stop Report (Complete Overview)


Driver Behaviour

Driver Behaviour can be divided into three sections - Fleet Behaviour Insights, Driver Behaviour Insights and Speed Zone Summary. This is where you can view daily, weekly, monthly and yearly statistics on your assets and drivers to see where improvements need to be made to reduce any risks. (Fleet Behaviour Insights page is shown as an example below)


Understanding the Driver Behaviour page


Fleet Management

Fleet Management is where you can manage your fleet's ComplianceSmart RenewCheck SheetsAsset RegisterFuel WatchRUC Collect, and Pool Booking

How to set up your Vehicle Compliance page


Job Management

The Route Optimisation tool can be found here as well as a direct link to the Site Report. 


Route Optimisation



View, add and upload Geofences and manage Geofence Alerts.


How to create a Geofence



In the settings section, you can view and manage your AccountUsers & DriversNotifications, Groups, Device ManagementRisk Point Manager, and Terms & Conditions. 

Settings Overview Video

How to set up a new User

User Profiles - How to set different user levels


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