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Zendesk_Plan_Headers_2023.pngNavigating your Dashboard

Your dashboard is the home of various useful tools including Check Sheets, Favourite Reports, Compliance and Driver Behaviour. To learn how to navigate your dashboard, view our top tips below


Users can drag and drop each module (e.g. Check Sheets, Favourite Reports, Compliance and Driver Behaviour boxes) to display in any particular order. To do this, simply click on the module you'd like to move, drag and drop it in any sequence. 





Your dashboard view can also be changed so that the modules that are relevant to your fleet are shown.  To edit your dashboard view click the 'edit' button in the top right corner and select/deselect modules. Click 'apply' to save these changes.





For added convenience, the red button at the bottom of some module boxes act as a shortcut and will take you directly to that area of the site (see below).





You can run reports directly from the 'Favourite Reports' module. To run a report, click on the report icon you'd wish to view, enter the relevant details and click 'run report'. 

Please note: The Favourite Report module will only show the first 3 favourite report icons per user.




Where has the map gone?

The map can be found under the 'Spectate' section. Here you will be able to spectate all of your assets with full functionality. Read more about Spectate here

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