How to Activate the Argus Tracking vWork Integration

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Follow the steps below to activate the Argus Tracking x vWork Integration.

Step One: 

Request to have the Argus Tracking x vWork integration activated by contacting your Account Manager or by emailing


Step Two: 

An Argus Tracking representative will prepare and email you two set-up documents: An Authority Form and a Vehicle Assignment Excel Template Form. 

Authority Form = To activate this feature, we require a signed form from your business that authorises the integration. 

Vehicle Assignment Form = This template is in excel format and requires you to fill out the name of each asset/worker from your vWork account into the cell next to the corresponding vehicle in your Argus account. (See below for a guide on how to find asset/worker names in vWork).


Step Three:

When you have filled out the Authority and Vehicle Assignment Forms, email them back to us and we'll do the rest. 

Please note: Once we have received the signed forms, the average set-up time is between 24-48 hours (1-2 business days). 


How to Find Your 'Name' in Your vWork Account:

Step One: 

In your vWork account head to Settings > Users (User Management) or head to:


Step Two:

Copy and paste the names that are shown in the 'Name' column into the 'Name' column on the Vehicle Assignment Form next to the corresponding asset. 


Step Three:

When the 'Name' field next to each asset on the Vehicle Assignment Form has been filled out, save the file and email it back to our team for processing. 


A downloadable version of these instructions is available below:

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