Exporting a Compliance Report

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To export a custom Asset Compliance report, follow the step-by-step guide below. 

Step 1:

From the dashboard, head to Fleet Management > Compliance

Step 2: 

Create your custom report by filtering with the 'Search', 'Filter by group' and 'Filter by attention' drop-down boxes. 

Search = This is where you can select all or individual assets. 

Filter by group = Alternatively you can filter by your custom groups e.g. sales team, pool fleet etc. 

Filter by attention = Filter by showing all assets or those only requiring attention. 


Note: You can also add/remove the default columns that will show on your report e.g. Rego, Hubodometer, Hour Meter etc. To do this select the blue 'Columns list' button that is situated in the top right corner (see below). 


Step 3: 

Export your Compliance report by clicking the blue 'Export Report' button. These reports can be exported as PDF or CSV files. To export as a CSV, click the blue arrow beside the 'Export Report' button. 



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