How to Use Risk Point Manager

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Zendesk_Plan_Headers_2023.pngThe function of applying risk points to your company vehicles is a great way to monitor and gain insight into your driver's behaviour while out on the road. However, with the continuous upgrade of roading and the change of speed zones in certain areas, risk points can sometimes be applied incorrectly.

To rectify these, we have introduced Risk Point Manager. This feature allows you to easily view and remove any Risk Point Queries that have been placed against your assets/drivers. 



To find and use this handy tool, head to Settings > Risk Point Manager on the side menu and follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Select the asset you want to view and remove risk points from. 

Step 2:

Select a date range and click the blue submit button. 

* Handy Tip: If there are no Risk Point Queries once you've selected a date range that means that there is none to show for that time period. Simply select a different date range and try again. 

Step 3: 

Locate the Risk Point Query you'd like to remove and click the corresponding box under the 'Remove Risk Point' column to select it. 

Step 4: 

Once you've selected the Risk Point Query that you'd like to remove click the yellow 'Remove' button on the bottom right-hand side (under the Remove Risk Point column). 

Important to note: Once a Risk Point Query is removed there is no way to undo or implement the Risk Point/s again. It is advisable to double-check before any removals are made. Risk Point Manager is only available for administrators so please contact them for any queries/removals. 

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