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Be the first to know if your company vehicle/s has been involved in any high-impact incidents. 



The Impact sensor is designed to detect any impact greater than 4.5Gs on your company vehicle/s and send you an emergency alert via the app or email. This includes vehicles that have been involved in a crash, rolled over, or have been hit by another vehicle.


This feature is available now and can be turned on remotely for no extra cost or downtime. To activate this functionality please contact your account manager for further assistance. (A new hardware upgrade may be required, however, for most this feature is already installed and ready to be activated).


Key benefits:

- Meets more of your obligations under the Health & Safety Reform Bill. 

- Keeps you informed of any high-impact company vehicle accidents 24/7. 

- Black Box Records allow you to see in greater detail what happened for a few seconds on either side of the impact. 

- Gives your team increased driver assurance know that you'll be alerted to any severe accidents. 



- Detects any impacts greater than 4.5Gs and sends an emergency alert via the app or email. 

- Includes Black Box Records that record and send data at a much higher interval when impact has been detected. 

- Available now and can be turned on remotely for no extra cost or downtime. 


* Please Note: It is important to understand that this is not a crash sensor, and it does not replace the need for you to contact emergency services in the event of a serious crash or medical emergency. Please do not rely on this feature as a life-saving device. 


This service is dependent on good network coverage, this feature will not work outside of Vodafone cellular coverage. If 100% coverage is critical to you, please read more about our SATRACKS solution here or contact your account manager. 


Download the Impact Sensor Info Sheet below:


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