Rollover Sensor

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Keep track of the safety of you team while out in rugged terrain

The rollover sensor measures pitch and roll angles to send a safety alert if an asset rolls while out in the field. 



  • Monitors both side and front/back rollovers.
  • Rugged dustproof case.
  • Works in cars, utes, off road vehicles, trucks & heavy equipment (9 to 36volt).
  • Paired with our Iridium SATRACKS solution, gives 100% global coverage no matter how remote your team is operating.


  • Be alerted in real-time if your asset rolls over.
  • No human intervention needed in a rollover, the Argus rollover the sensor will automatically send an alert as soon as a rollover happens.
  • The Argus rollover sensor monitors both side and front and back rollovers, so you know no matter the situation your team end up in, Argus will be there to automatically alert you.
  • No maintenance device.

Download the Rollover Sensor Info Sheet below:



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