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To gain a better understanding of your fleet 'Driver Behaviour', visit Driver Behaviour > Fleet Behaviour Insights. This tool is a great way to find out whether any refinements need to be made to improve driver safety - not only for your team but for everyone else on the road. 

You can view the risk point average of 'All Assets' that have been accumulated each month (in comparison to the national average) or you can filter by individual asset groups selected via the blue filter button on the top right-hand side. 


As stated in our Understand Risk Points article, when comparing your drivers against each other and the national average, we take an average of points accumulated over the distance travelled, this is how we calculate the Points Per / 100km.

To see further information about each vehicle, simply select a month and the name of the vehicle you are researching. Here you will find statistics on 'Risk Points per 100km', 'Rating' a '12 Month Overview' of the drivers' behaviour and more. 


Speeding Zone Ratio (12 months)

You can also filter the Speeding Zone Ratio graph by individual asset groups. Simply click on the blue filter button in the top right-hand corner of the Speeding Zone Ratio box. 



Download the Fleet Behaviour Insights Info Sheet below:


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