How to replace the batteries in your Argus Asset Tracker

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Before you begin, you will need:
• An asset tracker
• A replacement battery for your asset tracker (supplied by Argus)
• A small flat head screwdriver
• A very small precision screwdriver (or similar thin prying tool)


Step 1

Identify the small spaces in the front face of the device. Insert your flathead screwdriver into these spaces and gently pry the cover off.



Step 2

Turn the on/off switch to the off position.


Step 3

Looking from the bottom of the device (so the label is facing the ground), identify the small hole in the chip board. Insert your precision screwdriver or small prying tool into this hole and lever it to gently pry the entire chip board out.


Step 4

Unclip the battery connection in the location shown below:


Step 5

With one hand, hold the battery housing against the chip board while with the other hand, gently pry the battery out of the housing by applying pressure to the battery underneath the location shown by the arrow.


Step 6

Insert the replacement battery into the battery housing. This is easiest done by first inserting one side, and then pushing the other side to clip it in. Note – ensure the battery is installed in the same orientation, with the battery connection cable and clip on the same side. Now reattach the battery connections.



Step 7

Insert the whole chip board back into the casing, taking care that the sim card and antenna are facing the same direction as the label / ‘antenna on this side’ side of the device. Turn the device back on and then reattach the cover. Done!



Download the Asset Tracker Battery Replacement Info Sheet below:

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