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1. No email address required.

Users can log in to the new Check Sheet app with a mobile number making it easy for use for drivers without a work based email. 



2. Run different Check Sheets for different requirements.

Whether you need Check Sheets for specific teams, equipment requirements or stock levels - we've got you covered as you can now run multiple Check Sheets on the App. 

Run up to 6 different Check Sheets on the MIDI plan.

Need 6+? Upgrade to OMNI and create as many as you need.



3. Number Plate recognition is here. 

Checking into each asset has never been easier!

Check Sheet users on OMNI can now log into each asset with a simple scan of the number plate.

For a limited time, we've made number plate scanning free for all check sheet users to try - give it a go today.

Plus, the new Check Sheet can read QR codes and your own unique barcodes so you can create your own identifier for each asset .

Save time and money - there's no need to order these from us again!



4. Customised Check Sheet creation is in your hands

Easily create or modify your own customised Check Sheets from the Argus website.

That's right, no longer do you need to wait for your Check Sheet requests or changes to be uploaded by your Argus account Manager.

Creating or modifying your Check Sheets is at your fingertips - you can do it quickly and easily from the Argus Tracking Dashboard.

Learn More



6. Ask in-depth questions, get in-depth answers.

With categories, questions and descriptions, your Check Sheets can now be as detailed as you need.

Question answers can be as simple as Yes/No or choose from a dropdown selection, or as detailed as unlimited entered text. The choice is yours.

All answers have the option to add images and comments to add extra detail.





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