Creating Check Sheet Templates

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Creating or modifying a Check Sheet is in your hands, just follow the simple steps below:

Step 1

On the Argus Tracking Dashboard go to Fleet Management > Check Sheet > Check Sheet Templates.


Step 2

In Check Sheet Templates we've added 6 templates for the most common asset types which you are free to use, edit, or remove.

Or, you can start from scratch to create your own:

  • When creating a new check sheet template
    • Click ‘new template’
    • You can choose to start from one of our default templates and edit it from there, or start from scratch.
    • Give the template a name
    • Add all the sections you will need (categories for the check sheet template questions), type the section name and press enter. You can always add more sections later if needed

Click ‘sort questions’ at any time to rearrange the questions into a different order



For each question you want to add:

  • Click add question
  • Enter the question title – e.g. “tyres are inflated to the correct pressure”
  • Question Description – here you can add a little bit more information about how the check is to be carried out if necessary, e.g. “tyre pressure should be 40 PSI on all tyres”. This field is optional.
  • Select question type – this will affect the options your team will have when answering this question. The options are:
    • Yes/No/NA
    • Yes/No
    • Text Input (e.g. enter the odometer reading)
    • Dropdown (add the drop-down options you would like your team to choose between)
  • The ‘required’ checkbox will make the question compulsory when checked, so that users must respond to the question before they can proceed to the next.
  • Once the above is complete, click ‘add question’ to save the question.


  • Preview mode – the preview button at the bottom of the template builder will allow you to view your check sheet in a more condensed format – the check sheet can also be edited from this view rather than the standard view.
  • Close button – this will close the template builder. Any unsaved changes will be lost so please ensure you click save first!
  • Save button – to save your check sheet.mceclip2.pngmceclip3.png

Preview mode is shown above.

To learn how to use the app, see the article Using the check sheet app for the first time

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