How to set up Pool Booking linking

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As an Argus customer, you have the option to integrate the Fleetwise Pool Vehicle Booking system into your Argus account for automated vehicle bookings and improved business efficiency. Follow our straightforward integration guide below and when completed, you can conveniently access it by clicking the Pool Booking button under Fleet Management on the Argus platform.

Argus integrates with the FleetWise PVBS Pool Booking software to provide an even more powerful pool booking solution. For FleetWise PVBS customers, please note you have your own custom URL, so this needs to be applied to your Argus Tracking account to allow access.

Follow the simple steps below get Pool Booking linking set up:

Step 1 

Copy the URL of your pool booking software.

Step 2

Next, open the Argus Tracking website, and from the side menu, select Settings.

Step 3

Select Account Settings.

Step 4

Then select the  Account Details tab. (You must be an administrator of the Argus Tracking account to access this area).

Step 5

Enter the URL you copied from Fleetwise into the Pool Vehicle Booking URL box.

Step 6

Press the blue Save button to save this URL to your account and activate the Pool Booking button.

Step 7

The Pool Booking button is now activated so all users who can access Fleet Management can use the Pool Booking button for seamless access to the Pool Booking website.

To learn more about which user levels can access Fleet Management, please see the article User Profiles 


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