How to Trace Your Contacts

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Contact tracing is now vitally important for organisations operating in level-2 and will continue to be equally important working in post-lockdown New Zealand. Argus Tracking telematics traces your fleet throughout your daily journeys, but how do you trace each time your team comes into contact with someone?


Check Sheets

We recommend adapting your existing Argus Check Sheets to start contact tracing now, or implementing the Check Sheet app if you aren't already using it.
Check sheets can be used to trace and record each time one of your team comes into contact with someone, and store the details and data securely if you ever had to search or share this data.
Other questions can be added and personalised to your organisation, and we are seeing questions such as " Have you got the correct PPE gear?" and  "Have you sanitised the vehicle before/after driving?" also being added to check sheet requirements, as well as contact tracing.

Contact your Account Manager to help you with the implementation of the Check Sheet App, or to update and upload a new Check Sheet.



Driver ID

As well as tracing your vehicles and contacts, you also need to know who has been using your vehicles. 
If your fleet has drivers who share vehicles or use pool vehicles, you must maintain a record of who has been using that vehicle. The easy solution here is Argus's iButton Driver ID which is simple to implement and easy to use.

If you need a refresher on how to use and extract Driver ID information or need to implement driver ID now, get in touch with your Account Manager.


Keep your vehicle clean

As well as tracing who has been using your vehicles, it is now going to be a priority to keep each vehicle clean and sanitised to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. This could be added as a step to your checksheet app to ensure it is completed after each journey.

We have put together a helpful downloadable guide of all the areas you should be sanitising between use to maintain a healthy workplace during this time.
Please feel free to print these out and insert them in each vehicle, and to share this info to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

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