What to Do With a COVID-19 Contaminated Vehicle

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If you become aware that a person has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and has recently driven or has been a passenger in a vehicle, it’s recommended you follow the steps below:


  • Take the vehicle out of service straight away, remove and secure the keys so no other team members can access the vehicle, and re-label the vehicle in Argus so that your team knows its unavailable for use.

  • Download and print our Vehicle Notice, fill it out and adhere it to the drivers' side window.

  • Now that the vehicle has been secured and notice applied, report it internally within your organisation and follow your internal policies.

  • We would suggest at a minimum leaving the vehicle locked up for at least 14 days, we know the virus can last at least that long on some metallic surfaces. But your best option would be to have the vehicle professionally cleaned and sanitised onsite.



Download the PDF guide to managing a contaminated vehicle and the printable vehicle notice below:


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