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Introduction to the Daily Fatigue Report

The daily fatigue report is designed to manage the total drive time for any vehicle/driver each day. If a driver’s day is made up of many small to medium-length trips, it’s often easy to overlook the actual time spent driving in a day and thus overlook the risk of a fatigue-related vehicle accident.

Using this report, you can set a ‘drive time limit’ in hours, and report on vehicles that were travelling on the road longer than the set value, and will quickly be able to identify vehicles/drivers’ daily drive time is greater than your defined acceptable time.

How does it work?

We've put together a quick video to show you how to use the Daily Fatigue Report


Step 1: From your Argus Dashboard, head to Reporting > Daily Fatigue Report

Step 2: Select the asset/group you'd like to report on 

Step 3: Select a date range from the options listed (today, last month etc), or choose a customised range

Step 4: Choose a report format (Web Version, Printer Friendly PDF or CSV) 

Step 5: Type in a drive time limit (hours) or leave at the default of 1 hour

Step 5: When done, click the blue Run Report button to finish

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