Understand Pool Booking Colours

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When using the Fleetwise Pool Vehicle Booking page, you'll notice that bookings appear in different colours. Each colour represents a specific stage in the booking process: 
  • Green Bookings: These indicate that the vehicle has been picked up, used, and then dropped off, signalling that the booking has been completed. 
  • Blue Bookings: This colour denotes that the vehicle has been picked up and the booking is currently in progress, indicating that a driver is actively using the vehicle. 
  • Yellow Bookings: Yellow signifies that the vehicle has not been picked up yet, meaning the booking has not yet begun. This colour is associated with scheduled bookings that have not yet begun. 

The colour-coded system provides a clear visual cue for you to understand the status of your bookings at a glance. 


Need Pool Vehicle Booking Help? 

For all Pool Vehicle Booking help and inquiries, please contact Fleetwise directly at 0800 FLEETWISE (0800 353 389) or email support@fleetwise.co.nz

Head to their dedicated knowledge base for detailed instructions on using the Fleetwise PVBS. 

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