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We all like different ways to pay our bills that are fast and efficient, so we've got a bunch of ways you can pay your bill; from the set and forget direct debits to self-managed internet banking.

Bank Account Direct Debit

Setting up a direct debit from your bank account is a simple set and forget method that makes paying your bill easy, timely, cost-effective and you’ll never miss a payment as it happens automatically. We will deduct the outstanding balance on the due date of your invoice.

Download and complete our Direct Debit form here.

Once completed, please send a copy of the signed Direct Debit form to support@argustracking.com


Internet Banking Direct Credit

Internet banking allows you to make a bill payment manually, by the due date shown on your invoice.

Our banking details are:

Account Name: Argus Tracking Ltd
Account Number: 03-1322-0750140-00
Reference: Your invoice number

If paying from an International bank account please use SWIFT Code: WPACNZ2W



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