Privacy Policy

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The Customer acknowledges that information (including personal information) is collected and may be stored, used or disclosed by Argus Tracking Ltd in order to determine whether or not it will provide or continue to provide credit to the Customer, and enforce any obligations the Customer may have to Argus Tracking Ltd in respect of that credit, including but not limited to registering a Financing Statement in accordance with the Argus Tracking Ltd’s rights under the Personal Properties Securities Act 1999.

The Customer acknowledges that the personal information will be held by Argus Tracking Ltd at its main trading address and or data centre, and that the Customer if a sole trader, partnership, trustee or the Customer's shareholders and director(s) in the case of a company may obtain access to and request correction of any personal information provided in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.

The Customer (and as the case may be, its shareholders and directors) authorises Argus Tracking Ltd to obtain any personal information concerning the Customer and its shareholders and directors that Argus Tracking Ltd considers is necessary to perform the above purposes from any person or organisation.

The Customer also authorise any person from whom Argus Tracking Ltd requests information (including personal information) concerning the Customer, to release that information to Argus Tracking Ltd. The Customer also authorises Argus Tracking Ltd to release any such information to any person for the purposes of determining credit worthiness, for communicating promotional activities and product information and for debt collection purposes.

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