Do you have GPS Tracking Stickers?

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We think it's great that you are looking at letting other road users know that your vehicles are tracked as there are many benefits in doing so.

  • It lets other road users know that your vehicles are GPS tracked and take your team's driving performance seriously and hence why your vehicles are sticking to the speed limit.
  • It's a great reminder to your drivers that their vehicles are GPS tracked.
  • It's a deterrent to thieves.

 So to help you implement GPS signage on your vehicles, we have designed some examples that you are welcome to print as is, modify to suit your branding or just use as inspiration. At the bottom of this article, you will be able to download some examples and Argus branding.



 Why doesn't Argus have signage like this pre-printed for me?

  • Our customers have great brands and sign-writing on their vehicles. We have found that most want to change the colours, designs or wording to suit their brand and culture.
  • We have found that not one size fits all. With different vehicles come varied size constraints on how big the signage can be. This is why we give you some samples which you can get printed in sizes to suit your vehicles.
  • As you get your vehicles sign-written, we have found customers incorporating the GPS signage into their vehicle signage rather than applying GPS signage over the top of your current signage.


Download the Argus Tracking sticker designs below:

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