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NZTA has some great recommendations on managing fleet vehicles and in particular your fleet maintenance obligations. We've highlighted some extracts below, but recommend you read the full article by following the link at the bottom of this page. 

Maintaining your vehicles

As an important tool for your business, your vehicles require regular inspections and maintenance to ensure they are safe to use on the road and perform efficiently.
Vehicles that are maintained safely and efficiently also cost less to run, are less likely to be out of service for extended periods and are less likely to be involved in crashes. 

Keeping your vehicle up to standard

It's your responsibility to keep your vehicle in the same condition as when it passed the WoF or CoF. For example, while the tyres on a vehicle may pass on the day of its inspection, you'll need to replace them before the tread gets to the minimum depth. If you wait until the next inspection you increase the risk of having a crash or receiving a fine.

It's illegal to drive a vehicle:

  • if it doesn't meet WoF or CoF requirements
  • if it doesn't display a valid WoF or CoF label.

Investing in driver training

No matter how sophisticated a vehicle's technology is, driver behaviour is the most crucial factor in avoiding crashes.

You can improve safety for your drivers and other road users by investing in driver training - so they know how to use their vehicles, and have a good understanding of your expectations of their behaviour while driving.

Ensuring workplace safety

Under the Health and Safety in Employment Act, a work-related vehicle is considered part of the workplace. This means that the health and safety rules applying to the workplace also apply to work-related motor vehicles.

Developing a safe driving policy

Every dent, prang, speeding ticket or collision involving your vehicles will affect your business's financial bottom line. So it makes sense to encourage safe driving - and potentially save lives - by making it an integral part of your business policy.


Follow the link below to read the full NZTA article:


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