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*Driver ID is available on OMNI or can be added to MIDI (additional hardware & monthly fees apply.

Identify who is driving your expensive assets with our easy to use Driver ID iButton.

3 reasons you should be using Driver ID

1. Driver ID makes your drivers take ownership and responsibility each time a vehicle is used, making them accountable for their driving behaviour. Because their name is attached to each and every trip, drivers become reluctant to lend out their log-in tag to any other user as their own name will be associated, making sure only your employees are the ones driving your vehicle.

2. Driver ID helps to better understand your vehicle usage - who is using your vehicles as well as when and how they are using them.

3. Driver ID helps to better understand who your most-at-risk and least-at-risk drivers are, for more in-depth driver behaviour reporting, enabling you to identify who needs driver improvement.


  • Low learning curve for your drivers - Quick and easy to use.
  • Know who was driving each vehicle, and when.
  • Identify the driver if incidents occur.
  • Identify drivers at risk with driver behaviour reporting.
  • Mitigate your Health & Safety risk.
  • Removes the need for driver log books for light fleet.


Driver ID via iButton

  • Driver login via iButton – Drivers easily and quickly log in to each vehicle via their individual tag against an installed iButton, assigning them as the driver on reporting.
  • Buzzer – without iButton login, a buzzer sounds to remind the driver to log in.


Download the Driver ID Info Sheet below:

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