How much power does a GPS unit draw?

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Argus has a range of hardware installed in customers vehicles and assets, and the amount of power consumed by an Argus device will vary depending on the accessories installed with it (such as Driver ID iButton or RFID, Temperature Sensors, Help Buttons etc), and also the strength of the mobile network coverage, and GPS signal quality. 

The tracking device will use more power if it is in a low or no mobile network coverage area. If you are using our SATRAKS solution which connects to Iridium communications satellites then these devices will consume slightly more power again when outside of the mobile network.

GPS signal quality can be affected by a range of things but mainly buildings/concrete & atmospheric conditions. If these things are affecting the GPS unit it will consume more power as it continues to try and get a good GPS fix.

The Argus GPS devices consume power 24 hours a day 7 days a week so that Argus can provide you with accurate and up to date information. In normal operating conditions our latest devices consume the below amounts of power.   

Nominal Operation: < 34 mAh
(nominal with no load)

Full load / Peak <2A (up to 2A max)
(i.e. when active and collecting & sending GPS data)

Sleep Mode: < 17mAh
(i.e. an asset has been inactive for a period of time) 

Please do note that it is not uncommon to get power consumption readings higher than the above, due to the model of hardware and accessories installed with it. You may see readings up to 240 mAh on some hardware types.



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