How to customise the columns in your compliance table  

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The compliance table is organised into several columns. You can tick and untick the standard column headings to customise the columns that you display in the compliance table as well as being able to add additional customised columns if required

For example, you may not have a fuel card or a lease plan so do not need this information on your table. 


How to customise the standard compliance columns you display

To update the information you would like to display from preselected column headings, on the Asset Compliance page click on the blue Columns List button and a list of options will appear in a drop down. Tick the options you would like to appear in your table, then press the Select Columns button to reset to your new columns.

There is a limit of 5 custom columns. 



So if you did not want to show Fuel Card Expiry or Lease Renewal, your drop down would look like this:



How to create custom Compliance columns 

You can add up to 10 of your own customised columns to compliance.

If you have additional service, cert or equipment requirements to stay on top of, make your life easier and add them to your compliance page - it's easy!

On the Asset Compliance page click on the blue Add/Delete Columns button and the Manage Custom Columns page will open.

Enter in the name of the Column you would like to add. 

For example Hydraulic Oil Servicing.

Select the unit of measure for this column from Mileage, Hours or Date.

 Press the blue Save button and you will see your column appear in the Custom Columns list and in the Compliance table when you view it.




How to delete a custom column

To delete a custom column, go into Add/Delete Columns again, tick the column you wish to delete then click the Delete button.




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