How to deactivate a Driver ID buzzer

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If you are using Driver ID, sometimes it may be necessary for the in-vehicle buzzer to be deactivated - for instance when a vehicle is at a workshop for servicing or maintenance.

To deactivate the buzzer, follow the steps below:

Step 1

Select My Assets from the side menu, then click the blue Profile button below the asset with the buzzer you wish to deactivate, to open the asset profile page.

Step 2

On the profile page, below the images and groups box, is a line of toggles. Think of this as the switchboard for any extra features for this asset - by switching these toggles on and off you can activate and deactivate different features.

A toggle will turn blue when enabled. If a toggle is not activated, for example - you do not have IButton Driver ID enabled, this asset will not have the functionality to use Driver ID. These features require additional hardware and/or software, please do not activate the toggle if this has not been installed or this functionality is not required! 

To deactivate a toggle, click on the Buzzer Enabled toggle so it is white. If it is blue, it is activated.


Remember to press the blue Save button to save your changes after deactivating a toggle!

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