How to schedule your compliance service by hours, date, or distance.

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Compliance is not just important for on-road vehicles - it is important that Plant and Machinery also has regular maintenance, so in the Fleet Management portal, compliance servicing can scheduled by either hours, date or distance. 

To set up your assets to be serviced by either hours, distance, or distance, follow the steps below:


Step 1

From the side bar, select Fleet Management and then Compliance from the drop down.


Step 2

The Asset Compliance page will open. All the compliance information on your vehicles is organised on this page.

Find the asset you wish to update, then click in the corresponding box under the service type you wish to schedule; either Service (Distance), Service (Hours), or Service (Date), to open a new page where you can update that aspect. 



Step 3

In this new page, you will be able to select the area of compliance you are updating from a drop-down list. Choose Service (Distance), Service (Hours), or Service (Date), then in the next box, enter in the hours, date or distance your service is next due.


Step 4

Press the blue Save button to save this.


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