Real-time ETA & Distance with Live Traffic

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Zendesk_Plan_Headers_2023.pngIf you are in the service or dispatch industry, real-time ETA will be your new best friend! 

Do you ever have clients call, wondering how far away your driver is? Do you ever need to dispatch the closest person to the job?

Real-time ETA is a quick and easy to use tool to give your client an accurate time of arrival.

To use real-time ETA, follow the steps below:

  1. Select Spectate from the side menu. 
  2. In the Spectate on box, select the asset you wish to dispatch to the address. 
  3. In the Search Address box, enter the address you would like to dispatch a driver to.
  4. The distance and estimated travel time will be calculated to get to the address.


Note: In the Follow box select none to keep the spectate map still, otherwise the map will centre on the asset and follow the assets progress as it travels to the address.



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