How does Argus Tracking GPS work?

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To generate your GPS positions, Argus uses highly accurate GPS satellites (the same ones the US military use) which connect to our GPS units every 500 meters as the vehicle is travelling.
All speeds are collected from these satellites, there are no algorithms based on time or distance. 
The satellite transmits data to the GPS unit installed into your vehicle, plotting the time, location and speed that the vehicle is traveling at. 
This information is loaded and calculated at the precise moment that the satellite signal connects with the GPS unit in the vehicle. For accuracy, we require a minimum of 8 separate satellites to connect to the GPS unit at any one time, with each satellite confirming the same data before this data is recorded.
The final step in the process is that the logs, from the satellites, are then relayed back to the Argus Trackings servers via GSM and then these raw logs are built into the Argus System and into the reports that you can run and receive. 

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