What is a group?

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Groups can be used to organise your assets into different or more manageable areas or divisions within your organisation, and restrict which assets your users have access to. 

Want your service team to only see the other service vehicles, and not management vehicles?

Then create a Service group for your service assets, and add the service group to each user in your service team. Do the same with the management team, setting up a Management group. then applying this group to each user profile of your management team.

To restrict a users' access so they only have access to a group, follow the steps below:

1. From the side menu, select Settings, then Users and Drivers.

2. Use the search box to find the user you would like to apply to a group. Click the Edit icon next to their name.

3. Ensure the User Profile is NOT an administrator. Administrators have access to everything in the account. Even when a group is applied to them, they will still be able to view all the assets in the account. Any other user profile can be assigned to a group.

4. In the Groups field, enter in the group you would like to apply this user to.

Note, if you would like your user to see all assets, then leave the Groups box blank. Applying a group will restrict their access so they will only be able to view assets assigned to the group. 

5. Scroll down and press the blue Save button to save these changes.


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