How do I tell if a GPS unit is offline?

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If you can see that an asset has stopped reporting and not updated its position recently, then this may be because your asset is either offline or has gone into sleep mode.

When it has been offline or in sleep mode for more than 72 hours, an asset will have its last position highlighted in red under its speed and address in My Assets like the example below:


If your asset is showing as offline, this means that it has either stopped communicating with our servers and you will not see any position updates, OR it has gone into sleep mode.


About Sleep Mode

Sometimes a vehicle can appear as though it has gone offline, when it has actually gone into sleep mode, making it appear offline.
GPS units go into sleep mode when the vehicle is not in use, to save the battery from running flat.
Without sleep mode it would be like leaving your headlights on while parked in a carpark .... we all know that gets pretty annoying!
The GPS unit will start reporting next time there is an "event" to report, so to "wake" this GPS unit from sleep mode, all you need to do is turn the ignition on.

If you notice that a GPS unit is offline, check whether the vehicle has been used since it last reported, or turn the ignition on. If it starts reporting once again, this vehicle was in sleep mode. 

If you cannot see any reason for this as the ignition has been turned on since it last reported, then please let us know by clicking on the red writing under that asset in the My Assets page (see the image above).

A box will pop up to allow you to report this offline unit to us. Please add any information to the message that may help us fix this offline issue eg, person to contact, vehicle location, has this vehicle been jump-started recently? 




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