What is the LOCI Asset Tracking plan?

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The LOCI Asset Tracking plan is a convenient way to locate and manage anything - even unpowered assets. If you have valuable assets that need managing, this plan is just what you need to help identify where your assets are, how they are utilised and when they need maintenance. 



  • Locate and manage your assets by knowing where they are and how they are used (never 'forget' where an asset is). 
  • Schedule regular asset maintenance and compliance to eliminate costly unscheduled repairs and keep your assets running.

  • Theft recovery - reduce your insurance claims and remove costly downtime and long lead times for replacements.

  • Manage all your assets on one easy-to-use platform - from vehicles to plant & machinery.

  • Geofence asset location to be notified when an asset leaves or enters an area.



  • Track stationery and in-motion locations of all assets. 
  • A revolutionary anti-theft and backup solution. 
  • Map view to locate, manage and utilise your assets. 
  • Compliance for automated maintenance and servicing schedules. 
  • View vital maintenance and safety aspects on our Check Sheet App to ensure you get the information needed to keep assets maintained, safe and compliant. 
  • Asset register to keep track of important asset details. 
  • Geofencing for security, reporting and health & safety.
  • Notifications via app and email.


For more information on LOCI Asset Tracking, download the pages below:


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